Results from the past are a guarantee for the future

At Pan-Invest we embrace and value a long-term vision in order to create strong and solid relationships with our clients.  Instead of only looking for short-term profits, which might give higher turnover or results in the short term, our clients’ long term interests are paramount in our business model and day-to-day decision-making. As a privately owned service provider, this approach and way of doing business suits us and our clients best.


Being in control brings trust

We feel comfortable in partnering up with parties who are highly committed to transparency and integrity. At Pan-Invest we consider these basic values to be the backbone of our organization. We believe that being transparent in services but also in fees and acting with integrity are the true values of the trusted relationships we build with our clients. It is mainly this relationship that prevails within Pan-Invest.


Services count, competencies count double

We are more than happy to provide more information on the services we provide. However, in practice our competencies matter most. Our client’s specific needs and requirements are our starting point and from there our competencies will guide you to the ultimate solution. In such challenging environment we guarantee delivering tailor-made solutions.


Size does matter

At Pan-Invest we believe that each of our clients deserve the highest level of personal attention. The kind of attention you may expect from a service provider which still has an eye for detail and a personal touch. Being serviced by people who actually know their clients and their businesses, providing the highest level of services and practical solutions for their clients.

As mid-sized corporate service provider, Pan-Invest can be considered to be small enough to be flexible and practical, but big enough to provide the quality our clients may expect from us. Our clients value this as one of the most unique aspects of our company.



Our invoices are the best reflection of our values. No-nonsense, effective and transparent. Value for money, that is our starting point which leads to realistic amounts on invoices or to fixed fees. Transparency and trust, from request to invoice, are the basis of our servicing.