Pan-InvestĀ  is a Dutch corporate service provider, established in 1974. Having some 40 staff, we are one of the larger privately owned Dutch corporate service providers. Our ambition is to further develop our business as a privately owned group and maintain our unique approach to business. This approach is considered both personal and professional by our business partners.

Since our growth started in 2006, our high staff consistency has been a major factor to the development of personal relationships and shall continue to do so going forward. Average staff turnover is above 8 years, which is regarded as exceptional in our line of business. We are large enough to be professional and small enough to be flexible. More and more clients have chosen us because of our no-nonsense and tailor-made working methods resulting in high value for money and a pleasant personal working relationship. It is our belief that corporate services should not be made bigger and more expensive than they already are.

We are focused on people and what they can do for each other. This is the core of our services. Our talents support your ambitions as a multinational, private equity firm, high net worth individual or advisor. This is an excellent basis for developing relationships.

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With clients in all parts of the world, Pan-Invest has a global network of clients, advisors and business partners, just one phone call, meeting or email away.

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