Pan-Invest provides Dutch resident corporate and/or private managing directors. As managing director, we carry out the day-to-day management of companies and we ensure compliance with all relevant administrative, legal and tax requirements.

Legal and Corporate Secretarial Services

Legal and Corporate Secretarial Services are provided by our experienced legal staff and include:

  • registration and assistance with incorporation of companies;
  • preparation of contracts, agreements and other legal documentation;
  • management of contracts;
  • assistance with legal issues, audits and due diligences;
  • assistance with legal restructuring of companies;
  • management of contacts with local and international legal advisors;
  • convening, attendance in person or by proxy and preparation of the minutes of board meetings and shareholders meetings;
  • maintenance of all company administrative files and records, including the minutes of board and shareholders meetings and shareholders register;
  • filing of documents with the Chamber of Commerce.

Administrative and Accounting Services

Our services are provided by senior staff with considerable administrative experience. Automated systems are used for accounting in order to adapt reporting to any requirements in terms of frequency and format.

Administrative and Accounting services include:

  • ensuring compliance with all administrative matters;
  • preparing the (consolidated) annual accounts in accordance with accounting and legal requirements;
  • preparing interim accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis or as required;
  • preparing budgets and cash flow forecasts based on formats as required;
  • arranging Value Added Tax and Corporate Income Tax Returns;
  • coordinating the company’s audit, if required;
  • operating bank accounts.

Other Services

We further provide a wide range of services through third party companies.

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